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Accommodation inspection schemes

Quality of accommodation is an extremely important part of the visitor experience.  An inspection or assessment seeks to recognise quality and to differentiate between the levels of service and facilities provided. This helps the customer choose quality accommodation that meets their requirements. 

In recognition of this and for the benefit of our visitors, all accommodation featured in our 'where to stay' section has a valid inspection certificate.

AA and VisitEngland assessment scheme modernisationScheme modernisation

The current classification schemes have changed to a much simpler format and structure to ensure quality assurance remains best in class. When consumers choose a trusted National Tourist Board or AA-rated establishment, they choose with confidence, knowing certain standards will be met.

There are now three primary levels of accreditation:

  •  A brand new entry-level scheme called Visitor Ready
  •  Quality Assessed
  •  Quality Star Ratings from 3 to 5 Stars

Visitor Ready

This new digital scheme is free and will be open to all types of hospitality and tourism businesses across the three key consumer activities of eat, stay and visit.

It enables businesses in the UK hospitality, leisure, and tourism sectors to seamlessly showcase their commitment to operating safely within current industry standards and legislation. It has been created to make compliance accessible for all. The baseline accreditation will help businesses know the key safety and cleanliness requirements that today’s visitor expects.

Businesses can check eligibility on the website as well as upload evidence, confirm key requirements and finish the application in just 20 minutes. 

Approved businesses will benefit from:

  • a secure wallet for key documents,
  • automatic reminders when documents need to be renewed, and
  • a digital badge for their marketing channels.

 Visit the Visitor Ready website for more information and to apply.


Quality Assessed

This accreditation level involves a full assessment testing all services to ensure minimum quality standards are met, but with no star rating awarded. Properties are eligible for, and may achieve, other associated awards such as Welcome scheme accolades.

Read more about AA and VisitEngland assessment schemes.

Quality Star Rated

This involves an overnight assessment testing all services, resulting in a star rating (from 3 to 5) if the criteria are met.  Star ratings, while already well established will also replace the AA pennant ratings for camping.  3 Star requirements will become the new minimum requirements for each scheme. 

Additional VisitEngland Welcome Schemes

Cyclists welcome logo

The four schemes include Walkers Welcome, Cyclists Welcome, Families Welcome and Welcome Pets.  The schemes allow you to show that your accommodation business is well suited to and equipped for guests with particular requirements by highlighting that you provide certain facilities and services.

Whether they require a litter tray for their cat, a drying room for muddy boots, lockable storage for bikes, or a cot and a highchair, guests will see the scheme logo and book in confidence that their particular needs will be met.
Walkers welcome logo
More information on other VisitEngland welcome schemes can be found on the VisitEngland website.

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