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Cowraik Quarry

Beacon Edge, Penrith, CA11

Cowraik Quarry is a disused red sandstone quarry and has some of the best fossilised sand dunes in the country. Since quarrying ceased natural colonisation has given rise to woodland with a shrub understorey and a species rich ground flora. Heathland occurs on the sandy areas.

Mature ash, birch, larch,pine, sycamore and beech with an understorey of birch, elder, hawthorn, rowan and ivy. The ground flora includes lesser celandine, lords and ladies, wood avens, bluebell, snowdrop, red campion, crosswort, forget-me-not, hedge woundwort and black bryony. Heathland areas include heather, bell heather, and bilberry with bracken dominant on much of the site. Birds include greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, tree creeper, blue tits, great tits and wrens. Red squirrel and badgers are found on site.

Some sections of the path are steep and rough and can be slippery in wet conditions.

Cowraik Quarry is situated 1 mile east of Penrith along Beacon Edge.

Contact Details

Contact Penrith TIC for more information on 01768 867466.

Miles: 10