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Cliburn Moss National Nature Reserve

Cliburn, Penrith

Cliburn Moss National Nature Reserve, Cliburn, near Penrith has an unusual range of fen, bog and heath communities with several Cliburn Moss Nature Reserverare and scarce plant species.

The Moss formed in a hollow in the glacial drift, but its present varied topography is the result of past peat-cutting activities. Plant communities range from wetter fen or bog to wet grassland and drier heathland types. In addition, much of the site is densely colonised by self-sown Scots pine and birch. The local plant life includes cotton grass, heather, cross-leaved heath, bog bilberry, dyers' green weed, crowberry and cowberry.

Northern marsh and lesser butterfly orchid are also seen. Rare species found in the area include sedges such as lesser tussock, bog and cyperus. The site supports large numbers of birds including breeding populations of sparrowhawk, buzzard, treecreeper and great spotted woodpecker. The local mammal population includes red squirrels, stoats and weasels.

Natural England have produced a leaflet on Cliburn Moss Nature Reserve.

Miles: 10