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A Winter Pom-Pom Trail at Lowther Castle and Gardens

Location: Lowther Castle and Gardens, Lowther, Penrith, CA10 2HH

Dates: 01 January 2019 - 13 February 2019

Opening Times: Until 13 February 2019

This winter’s trail around the gardens features a gingerbread girl by the name of Tammy O’Shanter and her quest to find the perfect bobble or pom-pom for her woolly hat. Follow the arrows round the garden, count off all ten bobbles, go to the shop and claim your gingery prize. 

Trail is free with admission to the castle and gardens and is suitable for all ages. 

NB. The first pom-pom is thought to have been worn by the Viking God Freyr. Pom-poms were used by soldiers and officers of the Church to show their rank or their regiment. Sailors were said to wear bobbles on their hats to protect their heads when on board ship in stormy seas. The Tam O’Shanter is the name for a Scottish bobble-hat

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Lowther Castle and Gardens

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